As soon as it had opened in September 2019, EFI Brussels had launched the French National Education homologation process. This procedure will be completed in June 2020.


What is homologation?

It is an institutional and educational recognition conferred by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the French Ministry of National Education. The body in charge of approval procedures is the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The homologation process lasts for one year and includes both the presentation of an administrative and educational file, obtaining the opinion of the diplomatic post, setting up inspections and producing reports inspections. A jury is responsible for analysing the applications and the homologation decision.


Approval allows:

  • The certification of diplomas: the end of “collège” (i.e.: medium high school) certificate and the Baccalaureate diploma by the French Ministry of National Education.
  • Pupils who have been attending at EFI Brussels are on the priority access list in any French schools in the world or in France without having to take an exam.
  • To take the French Baccalaureate under the same conditions as those of students in France.
  • Access to French State scholarships (for French nationals).
  • A quality warrant of the lessons delivered by the school.
  • Respect of French curricula for each discipline, each level of approved education.
  • Educational and administrative monitoring carried out by the French authorities. 


Schools in the Odyssey school network:

  • EFI Casablanca - approved in 2018
  • EFI Bucharest – in homologation process 
  • EFI Brussels - in homologation process