Mathematics Week shows all students in schools, from Primary to high schools, as well as their parents, an actual, lively and attractive image of mathematics. The 10th edition took place from March 15 to 21, 2021.
The theme of this edition is “Mathematics and society”.
Find out about the activities prepared by the teaching team for the students of EFI Brussels, from kindergarten to CM2, each student taking part of the mathematics week.

Recipe and proportionality
Cooking is an activity that offers the opportunity to do math.

Mathematics and Measurements: Money
Integrate the mathematics in the daily life routine, as “doing the shopping”.
Tuesday morning the EFI Brussels store opened its doors. The merchant game has started.
What about going to shop? The opportunity to appreciate the importance of mathematics in everyday life. Can we buy everything? We do some negotiations …
Each student received an envelope with money, the goal is that everyone can make their daily purchases within the limit of the money contained in the envelope. When you buy, that implicates you know how much you are paying and how much will you get back.
During this activity, CM2 students helped the CPs with their purchases.

Mathematics in natural environment
Few days ago, pupils have planted beans to observe and measure their growth, after that the pupils have made bar charts to track the plants’ progress.
Shapes are everywhere!

EFI students formed pairs of a CP and a CE2 to go hunting for geometric shapes in the school environment. Like real architects we observed the shapes in our school building and then outlined them on a photo for a colourful project.

Mathematics in arts
As Auguste Herbin’style – French painter August Herbin invented a code to write words using geometric shapes. After observing his artworks and his “Alphabet Plastique”, we circled the shapes matching the letters in our name. We then found the matching colours and started drawing our shapes to make our name composition.

Mathematics and contest:
Students from Primary 1 prepared and presented the contest of Koala. We congrats them for their best implication.


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