After our last year accreditation for primary grades, we are extremely happy to announce you the accreditation of EFI Brussels Kindergarten by the French Ministry of National Education as a certified Kindergarten, which opened in September 2020.
EFI therefore is a partner establishment of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), offering a bilingual education for kindergarten and primary, certified by. the French Ministry of Education.

“Enrolling your child in a French school from “maternelle” onward is giving him or her the chance to grow harmoniously in a caring environment, perfectly adapted to his or her needs. It also means giving your child the opportunity to start learning languages progressively and efficiently.” Olivier Brochet, AEFE Director.

The main objective of preschool is to give pupils the desire to learn, to become autonomous and to assert their personality. The school engages its pupils in becoming self-confident in their capacity to learn and to succeed at school.
Children in preschool follow a teaching program where graduated and native speaker teachers quickly familiarise pupils with the different languages of the school (French & English).
EFI Brussels is the 2nd approved school in Brussels and the 3rd in Belgium.
There are numerous advantages of this recognition by the network.
We now belong to a network recognized for its pedagogical and teaching qualities, established outside France in 139 countries and composed of 535 schools, with whom we share the same values.

All approved establishments, recognized by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education, bear humanist values – tolerance, equality between girls and boys, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity, promotion of critical thinking … – and allow you to follow an education without interruption, from kindergarten to baccalaureate. Thanks to their membership of a dynamic, attractive, and open international network, they offer a particularly enriching training.

The accreditation and the strategic partnership which is now being formed with the AEFE will allow our school to consolidate its pedagogical and educational project, in close collaboration with the French Embassy in Belgium. Numerous projects are implemented within the network, and EFI students will be able to benefit from it.

For more information about Accreditation, follow that link.