The French International School of Brussels (EFI Brussels) is a new international school opening in September 2019.

This year, the school will open classes ranging from pre-kindergarden (3 years old) to year 4 (9 years old). The school will gradually open additional classes until the end of secondary school with the French Baccalaureate Examination.

EFI Brussels combines French academic excellence and the dynamism of Anglo-Saxon and international schools. This combination of the ‘best of two words’ is a unique pedagogical model.

Supported by leading French institutions, EFI Brussels belongs to the Odyssey School Network, whose founders are pioneers in bilingual education in France and recognised for their track record in introducing educational innovation such as active learning.

All Odyssey schools are operated in accordance with their fundamental principles regarding academic methods and accomplishment which are based on caring and openness.

The school is established at the Domaine Latour de Freins and offers a pleasant, prestigious and safe environment wholly dedicated to our pupils’ learning and development.


EFI Brussels is :

A French school focused on academic excellence

Teachings strictly respect the French Ministry of Education curriculum. Regardless of their nationality, all students receive individual support following an academic curriculum internationally recognised for its rigour and the wide knowledge it develops. This education will lead students to the French Baccalaureate and then to the best universities in the world.

A Bilingual education from the beginning of preschool

The school’s primary language is French. English represents half of learning time at the end of Primary School. As early as preschool, pupils learn English but also in English! This means that after completing school at EFI Brussels, pupils are able to speak and write in both languages. In highschool, pupils will also have the chance to learn new languages (Spanish, Chinese ...).

To this end, the school applies a teaching program based on immersion, progressivity, personalisation and active learning. All language teachers are native speaking teaching graduates.

An international openness that promotes the understanding of the world

The educational project encourages children to develop an outward-looking international perspective and to be open to other cultures. This translates into a vibrant cosmopolitan community that actively interacts with schools worldwide and in particular with schools of the Odyssey network.

An educational project for tomorrow’s world

The school applies positive and active teaching methods that have their roots in cognitive sciences and are aimed at reinforcing self-confidence and facilitating the acquisition of 21st century skills (communication, creativity, computer and other technological skills...). The pedagogical team prioritises personal growth and success of each pupil..