EFI Brussels offers a daycare service with homework assistance and a variety of extracurricular activities on campus, in the Park House.

After the class at 03:30 pm, various activities are offered to our students, such as artistic, sports or language activities in the framework of the After School Club. This contributes to their development and their open-mindedness: language learning, plastic arts, theater in English and in French, philosophy, initiation to dance, gymnastics, yoga, robotics and coding, etc.

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

  • Slot 1 from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Slot 2 from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

For any additional information and / or registration, send an email to

Discover below all the activities offered by the After School Club of EFI Brussels.

Homeworks assistance / Multi-activities


Primary school students at EFI can access the homework workshop after class, which will be followed by a multi-activity workshop. They will have access to different activities: board games, group games, fun activities, artistic expression, collective sports, gardening, literary activity, ...

Kindergarten students will have access to this workshop which will offer them many group activities or early learning games, adapted to their age group.


Cooking Club

This workshop is open to kindergarten and primary students.

Each group of children will have varied activities adapted to their age. These workshops will allow them to make tasty discoveries.

The activities around all the cooking aspects will follow various themes that will raise our students' curiosity.


Les petits Bouddh’Artistes


This yoga and art crafts workshop will be available in French for primary students.

After a mediation time, students will discover the history of art in a fun way. Through drawing, painting and collage of recycled materials. they will free their imagination and connect to their emotions.

Accompanied by Fanny Seller, who is an art historian and painter graduated from the La Cambre Ecole in Brussels, and from the French Yoga Federation.

Discover her workshop here 


Digit’Owl is the first “nomad” school of digital education in schools!

Digit’Owl’s philosophy is to pass on the keys to learning digital thinking, robotics and programming to the next generation.

This workshop is available in French or in English and the groups will be made according to the age groups (kindergarten and primary).

Illustration & design


This workshop is open to kindergarten and elementary students.

Workshop organized in English by the artist Giulia VETRI, Italian artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Discover his work here

Students will go in for discovering and practicing the art of illustration accompanying and leaded by Giulia.

Loulous philosophes

This workshop will be available in English for students in primary.

Children have this extraordinary natural ability to question the world, to wonder, to marvel, to confront their reasoning, in short, to philosophize!

In these workshops, EFI students are accompanied in the discovery of philosophy in a fun way.

LES LOULOUS PHILOSOPHES conduct philosophy workshops on themes chosen in collaboration with the teachers, in accordance with their educational program and the issues encountered with their students.


Graphic Arts Workshop


This workshop is open to kindergarten and primary students.

It is organized in French by the artist Cécile Barraud de Lagerie, French artist. She is trained in Paris at Normal Sup preparation Duperré and has a master's degree congratulated at the Arts Déco. Cécile Barraud de Lagerie now lives and works in Brussels as a textile designer, colorist and independent jack-of-all-trades.

Discover her work here

Dutch Learning


This workshop will be open to primary students.

The Dutch workshops focus on learning during your children's leisure time. Their language training is based on fun and serious teaching and pedagogical methods.


EFI Radio

radio (1)

This workshop is open to primary students, available in French or English.

This radio project is completely bilingual since the broadcasts are in both in French and in English.

The radio trains students to speak, to investigate, to listen to others and to prepare subjects, with joy and good humor.

New Technologies

This workshop will be open to primary students, in French.

This workshop will allow students to discover current digital tools: augmented reality glasses, 3D printer, software, etc.

The objective will be to discover digital tools to master their uses and at the same time to consider, think about their appropriate using. In order to best prepare young people for the work methods that it will be essential to master tomorrow.




This workshop will be divided into two groups:

  • For 3 to 5 year olds: discovery of the musical universe
    This activity will allow children to acquire a musical and bodily awareness but also to develop their musical ears, singing, coordination of movements with music, rhythm and their memory.

    They will thus benefit from a solid base allowing them to choose an instrument later, or to devote themselves to dance.

  • For ages 6 to 10: music accessible to children
    They will set off to discover themselves by exploring the world of sounds: listening to them, feeling them vibrate deep within their body, dancing them, but also producing them with their hands, their feet or by exploring instruments of music. Thus, children are accompanied towards a mastery and an ever finer knowledge of the musical wealth.