Teachings at EFI Brussels strictly respect the French Ministry of Education curriculum and its educational principles. The school’s educational project is grounded on a set of values and objectives that are formalised in the School Charter of Values​. All our students and their parents sign it to express their adherence.


EFI Brussels is a place dedicated to knowledge, learning and fulfilment. Everyone, regardless of their position, origin or convictions, is committed to respecting the French Republican school principles:

  • EFI Brussels is a French school, based on the French language, culture and academic programmes

  • EFI Brussels is an international school, with an outward-looking international perspective, opened to other cultures, where the spirit of dialogue guide human relationships ;

  • EFI Brussels is a learning organisation where the whole educational community (teachers, students, parents) is committed to the continuous improvement of its pedagogical model.


  • To transmit to each of our students a corpus of fundamental skills and general knowledge, pillars of intellectual and social development

  • To develop fundamental qualities like the zest for learning, rigour, creativity, critical thinking and curiosity

  • To guide each student to academic success by focusing on individual and fulfilment.

  • To make our students aware of the wealth of the world by making them practice languages and cross-cultural exchange from an early age

  • To prepare our students to the challenges of the 21st Century Citizenship by encouraging social involvement

  • To consider athletic activities and art-based practices as key

  • To value all forms of talent

  • To teach teamwork and encourage the sense of initiative

  • To prioritise early learning and active learning methods, both recognised for enhancing self confidence and self expression