A few words from the Headmaster


Our school is like an educational household. It is by keeping our school small that we are able to nurture talent and meet every child’s needs, always exacting in our demands, but equally caring at the same time. We are an approved French school, and partner of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network, an organisation with high academic standards and humanist values that follows the French national curriculum.

We are also an international French school. Learning in different languages means better understanding others, their culture and their way of thinking. The children of today are the citizens of the world of tomorrow, enlightened by an open and innovative education.

Essentially, this is what the French International School of Brussels is all about, but it is also, and most importantly, an incredible human adventure, upon which our pupils embark every single day with the other members of our school community.

I am therefore delighted to take on the role of Educational Director at a crucial time in the school’s development. In September 2023, the EFI hopes to move to a new campus, firstly extending our offer to secondary school level, then later to Sixth Form. Relying on its values and aspirations, our school has the support of the Odyssey Education group, which will help us take a clear approach towards the future

and support our pupils along their path to academic success. I cannot wait to meet you all soon.


Kind regards,

Rodrigue BARBOSA
Educational Director of EFI Brussels


The children’s well-being and development

must always be our main priority.

Our schools will be based on a strong, solid community

of families, teachers, and an administrative and leadership team, who will work together to bring the school to life.

Academic excellence,

putting pupils at the centre of their learning process.

These values are essential in supporting our pupils along their path to academic success. I cannot wait to meet you all soon.
Rodrigue Barbosa Educational Director of EFI Brussels