Our Story


EFI Brussels was founded in September 2019 by the Odyssey network with the aim of providing pupils in Brussels with a unique educational experience, combining French academic excellence, the dynamism of an international education and active teaching methods geared towards the development of key 21st century skills.

The educational approach adopted by EFI Brussels brings together French and international teaching models. This combination of the “best of both worlds” is delivered by a highly qualified, experienced and carefully selected French and international teaching team.


Starting from nursery school, EFI Brussels offers a bilingual education, with an equal amount of teaching carried out in both languages by native-speaking teachers. This means that our pupils are able to express themselves in these two languages, both orally and in writing, by the time they complete their education.


Driven by its values based on multilingualism, an international teaching team and a cosmopolitan community, EFI Brussels has carved a place for itself in the world of international education in Brussels.