Why EFI Brussels?


The French International School of Paris (EFI Bruxelles) is a French school approved by the French Ministry of National Education, and a partner of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). The school offers a unique educational model combining French academic excellence and the dynamism of an international education.

Beyond its educational model, founded on the combination of French academic excellence and the bilingualism of international schools, are the 5 pillars of EFI Brussels:


EFI Brussels

is a French school founded on the French language, culture and academic curriculum.

EFI Brussels

is an international school where multilingualism, intercultural exchange, a global perspective and dialogue all drive human relationships.

EFI Brussels is an inclusive school

supporting each student along the path to academic success by focusing on a personalised approach and individual growth.

EFI Brussels

is a school that places great emphasis on participation, encouraging pupils to work together and take the initiative.

EFI Brussels is a caring school,

encouraging its teaching team to promote early learning and active teaching methods to boost children’s confidence and improve their communication skills.