Educational approach


Academic excellence is the ultimate pursuit of French schools.

The French International School of Brussels is an approved school, and partner of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), offering a unique educational model combining French academic excellence and the dynamism of an international education. This combination of the “best of both worlds” is delivered by a team of highly qualified and carefully selected teachers, who provide a unique education to our pupils that opens the doors to the best universities in France, Belgium and the rest of the world.

A caring and cosmopolitan school community.

  • An attentive and highly qualified teaching team that is committed to academic excellence and pupils’ success.
  • Students and families of all nationalities.
  • Odyssey group schools.
  • As a partner school of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) group, EFI Brussels is part of an international network of more than 500 schools with a significant presence in Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
  • It has also partnered with the French Embassy in Brussels, the Alliance Française (French Alliance), Accueil des Français à l’Etrange, LiB, etc.


A perfect command of the French language

and the of fundamental knowledge.

Extensive general knowledge

to develop awareness and the ability to think.


and scientific knowledge to comprehend the complexity of the world and the power to act.


French is the school’s reference language and the primary language of instruction. Half of the school’s teaching is carried out in English. Starting from nursery school, pupils not only learn English, but also in English. This means that our pupils are able to express themselves in these two languages, both orally and in writing, and take international certifications by the time they complete their education with us. The school therefore follows an educational programme founded on immersion, progression, personalisation and active teaching methods. All of our teaching staff are also native speakers and qualified teachers.



at the heart of the school

School trips,

educational projects and partnerships with other international schools

Educational programmes

with an international perspective and intercultural exchanges.

EFI BRUSSELS’s Portal Programme©

EFI BRUSSELS’s Portal Programme for non-French speaking pupils: Open to pupils of all nationalities, EFI Brussels is currently welcoming non-French speaking pupils at nursery level and in early primary school. To successfully integrate these pupils, the school has implemented the “portal programme,” which has been incorporated into the school curriculum. This allows pupils to learn French while easing their way into the school’s teaching programme.


The educational programme provided at EFI Brussels combines the joy of learning with the rigour of teaching within an educational framework. Our teaching team draws on modern educational tools founded in cognitive science and aims to nurture all forms of talent:


Active teaching methods;


Interdisciplinarity and decompartmentalisation;


Dynamic project-based science teaching.


Use of Edtech (educational technology) tools.

Personalised support

By providing personalised support and implementing specific teaching methods tailored to groups of varying abilities, all pupils are given the chance to speak up and take the initiative to help them succeed and develop. These teaching methods foster efficiency, autonomy and perseverance.

Personal development

The EFI Brussels provides its pupils with an exclusive and positive environment where success is synonymous with personal development. Its innovative teaching methods are geared towards strengthening pupils’ determination and building self-confidence, as well as developing their ability to adapt, reflect and be open to others.

Enriching social and cultural life

Every day after school, and on Wednesday afternoons, pupils have the chance to take part in various extra-curricular activities – some of which are run in English – helping them to flourish and develop a more open mind.

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