EFI Brussels Community

EFI Brussels aims at building an open and inclusive educational community in which the educational team, parents, students and partners play a part in the daily life and harmonisation of the school. When a pupil joins our school, his whole family becomes part of our community.

Events and festivities are regularly organised to encourage interaction and conversation and help bond the school community more closely together:

  • Welcome Events
  • National and cultural festivals (Halloween, music day, carnival, etc)
  • Topical and cultural conferences with prestigious guest-speakers

Timetable and school calendar

For preschool and primary school pupils, classes are split into 9 half-days : 

  • 4 full days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 1 morning: Wednesday

Daily Program 

For all classes, the day starts at 8:30 am and ends at 15:30.

Wednesdays are half-days and end at midday (12:30).

Morning classes end between 11:30 and 12:00 depending on age and are followed by a lunch break of one-and-a-half hours.

During the morning, a break of 20 minutes is organised on slightly varying timetables: between 10:00 and 10:30.

In pre-kindergarden 3yo and pre-kindergarden 4yo, there is a rest period in the early afternoon. Depending on age and the specific needs of each child, these last one hour or an hour-and-fifteen minutes.

School uniform

EFI Brussels students wear codified clothing, which reinforces our identity, the sense of belonging to the EFI Brussels community, and guarantees equality.

In kindergarten, students wear

  • a white polo shirt, 
  • a navy blue cardigan
  • as well as navy blue pants or skirts.

From elementary school onwards, students wear:

  • a navy blue Blazer on which will be sewn the EFI Brussels emblem 
  • accompanied by a white shirt
  • and a dark grey cardigan.  


The emblem can be ordered from EFI Brussels, at a price of €6 via the order form below.


Physical education

From primary school onwards, physical education classes at EFI Brussels are taught on site. The P.E. uniform kit includes two white polo shirts, a blue shorts set and a sweatshirt, all with the school logo. For outdoor activities, a specific dress code can be requested.

School canteen

At EFI Brussels, we work with Steamplicity. It is a patented micro-steaming system that enables a range of raw and pre-cooked ingredients to be freshly cooked in minutes. The controlled steaming process means more key vitamins are retained when compared to conventional cooking methods.


Catering fee per year : 1,020€

Alternatively, students can bring a lunch box from home.

Extra-curricular activities

Day care and extra curricular activities

Our students are offered various cultural, artistic and sporting activities by our After School Club which contribute to their development and their open-mindedness: language learning , visual arts, theater in English and French, philosophy, initiation to dance, gymnastics, yoga, robotics and coding, etc.

Holidays programs – Summer camps

EFI Brussels offers 100% bilingual summer camps with fun and educational activities during school holidays, French / English workshops will be offered to encourage children to express themselves and enrich their vocabulary. 

For children in kindergarten, the workshops will be devoted to artistic, manual, fun and sports activities in immersion in both languages. 

For elementary children, the mornings will be devoted to English and French lessons, and the afternoons will be dedicated to artistic activities, sports or outings. 

Playful learning will be adapted to the age and level of the children. 


School Transport

EFI Brussels organises a school transport service, to enable pupils to benefit from a reliable and safe transfer to and from the school.

The times of passage at the various stops are fixed taking into account the start and end times of the courses, the length of the circuit, the number of stops and the state of traffic:

Annual cost : 2.400€


School supplies & Summer readings

School supplies for year 2020-21 & summer readings

  • School Supplies
    Partner of EFI Brussels, la LiB provides you with all the supplies and all the school materials appearing on the lists.
    • Click on the link below to have access to the school supplies lists for year 2020-21.