Guaranteeing academic quality

Under the authority of the EFI Brussels Board of Directors, President Bernard DELESALLE and Head of School Jérôme GERCET are responsible for the school. The Head of School is responsible in particular for the operational organisation and pedagogical management of the school, for which he/she is the representative to the educational community.

With 15 years of experience in the French National Education Department, Head of School Jérôme GERCET is an expert in the management of international, multilingual and multicultural French educational establishments. Before taking up his duties at EFI Brussels, he was Principal of the Cité Scolaire Internationale de Grenoble, a school with 1150 students from 60 countries.

All founding members are education specialists


Bernard DELESALLE - Chairman

Chairman of Odyssey International, Honorary Chairman of Ecole Active Bilingue (EIB Paris), Honorary President of the Federation of Private Secular Schools under EPLC


Luc CHATEL - Administrator

Former Minister of Education, Associate Professor at l’ESCP-EAP (Paris)


Jonathan DERAI - Administrator

General Manager of Odyssey International, Former Chef de Cabinet then Directeur de Cabinet of the Minister of National Education


Younes SLAOUI - Administrator

General Manager of Odyssey International, Director of EFI Casablanca

A steering committee composed of high-level personalities

A steering committee, composed of recognised experts in education also provides expertise and experience to the educational project and assists the management team.