Dear parents,

Just a few weeks before the opening, the Ecole Française Internationale de Bruxelles is taking shape and the whole team is mobilized to welcome the children on Monday 2nd of September 2019.

Honoured by the trust parents put in us, our objectives are clear: to provide children with a quality education that is recognized throughout the world and to inspire our students to come, learn and grow with us. Creating a new school means coming together to imagine both an educational framework and a project.  All of us, gathered in the EFI Brussels educational community, wish to bring the best to your children and our students: the rigour of French education and its intellectual dynamism, but also the innovation existing in the Anglo-Saxon system and its openness to the world.

Through bilingual teaching and our school's own facilities (workshops, interdisciplinary projects, scientific projects...) we will support the children in discovering the world and give them the keys to success in their studies.

The reception of your children is our priority. Real estate investment is important and works are underway in the school to provide the children with modern and welcoming working conditions at the forefront of innovation in the educational field.

Opening a new school is like embarking on an adventure and we are more than happy to do it alongside you.

The team recruited by EFI Bruxelles is solid, with a variety of skills, and we will all be able to put our combined experience to work for your children. Our commitment is absolute, and the quality of the school will meet your expectations.

We are also counting on all the actors in the educational community to make this project a success, and we will have the opportunity, once the school year has begun to meet again to discuss the values that are ours.

A new educational adventure is about to begin, we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!


Jérôme Gercet

head of school EFI Brussels