Domaine Latour de Freins

EFI Brussels is located at the Domaine de Latour de Freins (Uccle). Located on a 9 hectare park, the buildings, with a surface area of 6,500 m2, have been designed to ensure comfort, accessibility, well-being and safety. . 


Large and well-lit classrooms, connected, equipped with modern school furniture and digital equipment.

Libraray & Arts

A pleasant library with various and bilingual material, as well as artistic and music areas.



Multi activities classrooms; resting and motricity in dedicated rooms.

Playground & Sport

A large playground in the nature surrounding the castle, and sport equipement on the campus (indoor and outdoor). 


The canteen is a large and bright room where pupils can choose at the buffet between meat and vegetarians meals. Lunch time is a convivial moment to be shared between all our students.