EFI Brussels students wear codified clothing, which reinforces our identity, the sense of belonging to the EFI Brussels community, and guarantees equality.


In kindergarten, students will wear:

  • a white polo shirt,
  • a navy blue cardigan,
  • as well as navy blue pants or skirts.


From elementary school onwards, students will wear:

  • a navy blue Blazer on which will be sewn the EFI Brussels emblem,
  • accompanied by a white shirt
  • and a dark grey cardigan.

Click on the link below to order the blazer adapted to EFI Brussels codes.

The emblem can be ordered from EFI Brussels, at a price of €6 via the order form below.

To have the blazers ready for the first day of school, we kindly ask the parents to send us the blazer by Monday, August 19 at the latest.


Physical education

From primary school onwards, physical education classes at EFI Brussels are taught on site by a certified physical education teacher. The P.E. uniform kit includes a bag, two white polo shirts, a blue shorts set and a sweatshirt, all with the school logo.